Position every day people to achieve greatness in their lives, through our unique TTM mentoring system we teach residual wealth building strategies, time freedom and personal growth.


TTM an abbreviation for "Tragic To Magic" - which means to go above and beyond what is normal or expected, exceeding traditional and mediocre standards.



TTM is an organization founded to represent an advanced elite group of leaders within the Global opportunity.

Our focus is to create leaders and provide an environment for the average to become Non Average. As with any business, earnings and success at TTM are not guaranteed but depend primarily on the individual’s commitment, persistence and effort.


A Solid Foundation for Your Success

TTM is a diverse group of professionals
from all around the world in pursuit of massive success.

You can potentially make some money on essential services you use every single day.
You can potentially save some money on essential services you use every single day.
You can potentially get a free service which means you can eliminate some of your household bills.
Set your own working hours and you get to choose - full- or part-time effort, or something in between..
There’s no costly overheads to get started.
TTM’s model for business is supportive and simple to follow.
  • I was an average employee and was working as heavy plant operator in construction industry. It is strange but the day I was introduced to TTM, I had the feeling this was my chance to be free and build a legacy for my family by becoming an entrepreneur.
    Ioan Toma
    Regional Director
  • I am a french cuisine chef and was running my own taxi company is Norway and was making good money but was left with no time. I want to thank TTM for showing me the way to achieve freedom. I became an entrepreneur and became part of this life changing opportunity and i am very passionate to help others through this blessed opportunity.
    Owais Ameer
    Regional Vice President
  • I am a medical doctor in Oslo Norway. I never thought that i would love any other work than being a Medical doctor because helping people is my passion but then i got blessed with this amazing TTM opportunity where not only i got the chance to build residual income but as well as become a better person. Now my passion is to bless other people with this incredible opportunity.
    Dr Qasim Malik
    Regional Director
  • I am a medical doctor and was working as a Consultant Paediatrician in Oslo Norway. I always wanted to get more time for my Family and was looking for something which can help me to make some extra income to start my own charity in back home. I am very thankful to TTM leadership for their mentorship programme and support to transform me as a person.
    Dr Arshad Sultan
    Regional Director
  • I was running some traditional bossiness in Olso Norway and i got introduced to TTM which helped me become a true leader and entrepreneur and the mentorship to do something great in my life and help other to achieved their goals. Personal development with amazing compensation plan is an incredible opportunity.
    Meesam Malik
    Regional Director
  • I was a taxi driver and a business owner. I got introduced to online entrepreneurship which changed my life and TTM gave me the the chance to change my life and other's lives. I’ m so grateful to have such an opportunity and All credit goes to the mentorship programme TTM Leadership provided me.
    Hasnat Malik
    Regional Director
  • I grew up with fear in my life. But TTM helped me realise that F.E.A.R just means false evidence appearing real. Thanks to TTM for helping me become a better person and also giving me an opportunity to make my life better and build a legacy for generation to come.
    Nazim Hussain
    Regional Director
  • I was working hard in my home city oslo but a job can only offer you livings and i was looking for a fortune. TTM showed me a better way to pursue a better life. Getting paid on Telecom, Energy, Banking, IT and security industries was a dream come true. Thanks TTM for giving me a platform and providing me the system to grow financially and personally.
    Tosif Elahi
    Regional Director
  • I was owning my own business and traditional business comes with a lot of overheads and limitations but when I found this opportunity in 2016 i was sold out to the concept of residual income on essential services. Like you do something once and you get paid again and again is just incredible. I was able to achieve the Position of Regional Director with my positive thinking combined with positive action and hard work.
    Dipak Kerai
    Regional Director
  • Before starting this business I invested a lot of money to own some franchises of some successful brands. I was making good money but i had no time what so ever. I started this business 4 years ago and i am thankful to GOD for blessing me with this great opportunity which enabled me to achieve freedom.
    Zeeshan Younas
    Regional Director
  • I was working in Cooperate london before starting this business. I started this Outstanding Business Opportunity in 2014 and by putting some hard work and with the help of TTM Leadership today i have time freedom, financial freedom and found some great mentors and friends. Together we are helping others to achieve this success.
    Abdul Ali Faiq
    Regional Director
  • Dare to create the life you deserve! Life is all about believing in miracles because miracles happen.. everyday!
    Regional Director
  • I was working in corporate London long hours before starting this business. I want to thank TTM for providing me training and support to achieve this success. Do something today that your future self will thank you for.
    Ana Alexandru
    Regional Director
  • Before starting this business I worked 18 years as Construction engineer and use to work long hours. This business gave me recognition, time freedom and respect. Hard work is the key but TTM system provided me tools to achieve this success.
    Iacob Dobras
    Regional Director
  • I was working as an accountant before this business what I learnt in this business is always chase the vision, not the money, the money will end up following you.
    Anca Cipau
    Regional Director
  • Being a full time mother and running full time traditional business, I never thought I would be able to achieve the freedom I have today.
    Hetal Kerai
    Regional Director
  • From a construction manager to a Regional Director of a global business. When I found TTM I found myself.
    Andrei Alexandru
    Regional Director